2015 Recipient….for the next couple of years until he started being plagued with re-current UTIs. It was discovered that his bladder was completely deformed and over sized, this was causing massive reflux back into his transplanted kidney. Unfortunately, this started the rejection process.

When Preston was 12yrs old, he had to have surgery to completely reconstruct his bladder. By doing this he lost the ability to use the bathroom normally. He is now cathed every 3 hours through a stoma (Mitrofanoff) in his belly button. This is irreversible and will never gain the possibility of using the bathroom again. He had to have the surgery so that he could get a second transplant. We are now waiting for his second transplant. We were struck with another blow, he will only match 3% of the country because of all the anti-bodies he built up from his first transplant.

He is fighting yet again to survive. Even through all this We still try to give Preston a typical childhood. He LOVES baseball and sports in General. He also enjoys hunting and fishing with his Dad. This child was born for the outdoors. He also loves bugging his little sisters and annoying his older brother. If you can’t find him yelling at the TV while watching the MN Twins, he’s probably somewhere building Star Wars Legos. I believe he was a Ewok in his previous life.

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