Our Inspiration – Cali Grace Steingraber


After Cali’s first year, some of her medical issues started to stabilize and then it became clear that she would need to fight to learn how to do things that come naturally to most others. Cali grew familiar with various therapy, up to 8 times a week, and with each session she grew ever more popular with therapists and other caregivers. Cali’s sunny personality, sweet nature and incredible smiles won her friends from any situation she was in. Cali grew to love adults and children of all ages, as long as they could make her smile and give her the occasional treat! When school started for her, her story was no different. Cali charmed everyone and had many friends and caregivers who loved to be around her. Her laugh was truly contagious and school was a pleasure. She proved to teachers that she was a pretty smart cookie and over time, the school district learned how to measure just how intelligent she was. As Cali grew into the precious teenager that she is now (yes, teenager!), she used that keen intelligence and fighting spirit to learn about sports and is now passionate about watching, cheering for and playing just about any sport available to her! Cali is a true outdoor enthusiast and in addition to participating in adaptive baseball, hockey, water skiing and downhill skiing, she enjoys a Packers game or two at Lambeau each year and is a “Cheesehead” through and through. Sports aren’t Cali’s only loves, however. She is as much a girly-girl as there ever was! Cali has been a participant in the Pageant of Hope (a pageant for girls with special needs). She adores dressing up, getting her hair and makeup done, and spending the day posing and smiling for cameras. She knows she is beautiful inside and out and enjoys making her outside as pretty as she feels inside!

Cali is popular with her peers and is enjoying her life to the fullest. She is in Middle School and enjoying all the activities that come along with it! She has recently started developing “feelings” for boys her age, so she will likely earn the title of “heartbreaker” in the next couple of years! Oh, to be young again! Finally, Cali became a big sister after spending her first 11 years of life as an only child! Her parents are divorced, and each has remarried giving her, not only two, but four parents that love and cherish her. Each set of parents has given Cali a younger sibling. From Cali’s dad, Eric, Cali has a little brother named, Colton. From Cali’s mom, Tracy, Cali has a little sister named, Cariana. Colton and Cari and only 5 days apart in age, giving Cali the thrills of having a little sibling no matter what parent she is with! Cali has proven to be as good of a big sister as anyone. She is caring and sensitive to their needs, and learned how to be incredibly patient during their first few months when their needs and demands were many. Cali’s life is full of adventure still, and when you don’t find her home hanging out with family, try looking for her at her grandparent’s cabin in Luck, WI, or maybe out back in the pool at her dad’s. If she isn’t at any of those places, she might be on a vacation. She loves to travel. She has been to Florida multiple times, Arizona, Colorado, Caribbean islands and Wisconsin Dells, just to highlight a few of her travels. Other places to try looking for her include local theaters for plays, musicals or movies, maybe sporting events nearby. And finally, try looking for her smile, it lights up the room anywhere she goes!

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