Kasetin 2020 Recipient

Kasetin has a rare chromosome abnormality called 49 XXXXY Syndrome, along with low muscle tone, agenesis of the corpus callosum. He was born 5 weeks early, and was in the NICU for a month after he was born. He had his first heart surgery at just 2 months old. This was just the beginning, at 7 months old he was hospitalized with RSV for 3 weeks and at 8 months old we learned about the rare chromosome abnormality. Our world changed! After all the things he has been through, all the Dr. appointments, surgeries, and procedures, he still keeps his head high and has the biggest heart!

Kasetin has always loved the thought of being able to hunt by himself. Now that he is getting older, he is really realizing what it is, how you do it and the whole process. Kasetin does not ask for much and sacrifices SO much so getting the opportunity to go on a dream hunt was a dream come true!

One could go on and on about Kasetin, but let’s just say that he is one special boy who reminds us every day to not take anything for granite and to love everyone.

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