JT 2022 Recipient

Hi I’m JT and I’m 11 years old. When I was six months old, I was diagnosed with Albinism (albino). No, I don’t have pink eyes and I look pretty much like everyone else 😊. I have blue eyes, fair skin and blond hair. The biggest effect Albinism has on my life is I’m visually impaired and currently, it’s not correctable. I also have Nystagmus (my eyes wiggle from side to side on their own). If you pick up a clear water bottle and try to look through it at another person, that is pretty much how I see it all the time.

I have a tough time making out faces and I don’t see things coming at me very quickly. With a family of outdoorsmen and women we often drive around admiring animals and birds of which I cannot see. Often-times my family will point out a big buck on the side of the road or a beautiful pheasant and I’ll just respond by saying “oh cool!” The reality is I couldn’t see that far and I just want to fit in.

My family goes fishing a lot and my dad and sisters have always done hunting trips together since my sisters were my age. These trips and stories were something I had never thought I’d be able to participate in. Shot for Hope and their access to adaptive technology has shown me that all this is possible. They’re making dreams that I had given up on come true and I’m so thankful for the doors that the organization and its partners have opened for my family and me.

I’m so excited for my upcoming hunt and opportunity to share my own stories and excitement!

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