2015 Recipienttumor that caused him to lose his vision in his left eye and created a right field cut in his right eye. Josh had weekly and daily chemotherapy for 18 months and the tumor shrunk! Two years later, it was growing again and he started chemotherapy. After three years and four different chemo regimens, the tumor continued to grow. He suffered a multitude of side effects from medications, but, this did not slow him down! Josh spent his elementary and middle school years learning in the gifted and talented program and donating his time to student council and student literacy council. He played soccer, baseball, golf, and lacrosse, and volunteered his talent and time for fundraisers and service.

On June 2, 2014, the last week of 7th grade, Josh suffered an intra-tumoral bleed that caused a massive stroke. After a life-saving surgery, he was left with severe visual impairment and left hemiparesis. Josh spent the next two years in therapy learning to live in a world that he cannot readily see and regaining strength and movement in his left side. He also continued his tenure on student literacy council in 8th grade! He just finished his freshman year of high school where he continued to learn in his advanced classes as well as teach and amaze his educators. His perseverance and resilience are like no other.

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