2015 Recipient“She had that ashen look, and ER doctors don’t get that look very often.” She sat Mindy down and told her that Connor had a brain tumor the size of an adult fist. The mass took up his entire left hemisphere; his vital organs were shutting down. He was prepped for emergency surgery in an attempt to save his life. He was baptized in the emergency room and sent off to fight.

Connor survived his brain surgery and tumor removal, 5 rounds of intense chemotherapy, a stem cell harvest and a bone marrow transplant all before he was 7 months old. Today he suffers from cognitive delays, partial vision loss, weakness on his right side from a stroke the night before surgery, hearing loss and post brain injury seizures. Yet through all of his suffering, this amazing 9-year-old smiles, laughs, seeks out awesome hugs and can build a pretty mean world in Minecraft.

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